Proud to be Sun Prairie's Leader in Martial Arts 
CALL: (608) 837-7444
Proud to be Sun Prairie's Leader in Martial Arts 
CALL: (608) 837-7444
The Nationally recognized Karate America martial arts system is based on our four “Pillars of Success” . These pillars are:

1. Leadership
Which describes your child: Leader, Follower or Loner? At Karate America we teach EVERY child to be a leader. We take our responsibility to build children into leaders VERY seriously, and we promise your heart will soar when you see your child demonstrating their leadership skills.

2. Excellence
This means that all of our students are taught to strive for excellence in all they do. We know that excellence in martial arts carries over into a student’s daily life. Just as we want them to become outstanding Black Belts someday, we also expect our students to strive for excellence in all endeavors and challenges they pursue (ask about our Academic All Star Challenge!)

3. Self-Discipline
Self-Discipline is key to achievement. Our students learn to build self-discipline in school, with friends and at home. Our step by step system teaches children to build on their successes and grow their own self-discipline as they progress with their martial arts skills and achieve the different belt ranks on their way to becoming a Karate America Black Belt.

4. Respect
Children show respect when they have learned respect for themselves. High self-esteem begins with respect of one’s self. Child psychologists site achievement as the #1 factor in high self-esteem and self-respect for children. At Karate America our children achieve and succeed like nowhere else.

Which Age Specific Program is Right for Your Child?
Why Parents Love Karate America!
Black Belt Focus
Imagine this: The instructor calls out "Line up!" and in unison a dozen kids in shout "Yes sir!" and sprint to the middle of the martial arts floor. Then they snap to attention and stand like happy miniature statues...
With smiles on their faces they spend the next 30 minutes engaged in structured martial arts techniques while following the instructors every command. For that 30 minutes the kids are 100% engaged in what we call "Black Belt Focus" which will grow with every class! ( And it carry's over over at home and school also...)
During our martial arts classes your child will train individually as well in small groups which the instructor assembles. The kids learn to work together and support each other through our martial arts drills and skills. Together they build strong teamwork skills and learn to work together. (Many of our students have make lifelong friends at our martial arts school!)
Unfortunately there is danger in this world, and threats and bullies are and everyday fact of life. We hope no child never needs to physically protect themselves. But should the need arise, our system of avoid, control and defend has helped protect 1000's of children in Dane county.
But...there is more than physical self-defense. Our program also teaches self-defense against childhood obesity, against lack of confidence and self-esteem.
Kids fall into one of three categories; Leaders, Followers or Loners. All of our students at Karate America become Leaders...every one of them...GUARANTEED! We feel very passionately that all kids must develop the tools of leadership, and we have developed a proven way to accomplish this. 
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