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    Our internationally recognized Karate America program is based on four pillars, we call these our “Success Pillars” and they are; Leadership, Excellence, Self-discipline and Respect. These pillars combined with our effective self-defense system are the reason ten’s of thousands’s of families have enroll in the Karate America program.



    Introducing KUT

    Kickboxers Ultimate Training is a transformational group training system that is guaranteed to produce results FAST! KUT integrates heart-zone conditioning, resistance training, core strengthening, and nutritional coaching to support your personal fitness goals. Beginner or elite athlete, you’re in the right place.

    • High-energy, full-body workout
    • Melts fat and tones your whole body
    • A workout for any age group
    • The best part? It’s crazy fun

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    What Happy Students Are Saying


    Lara D.

    Review on Google+

    My daughter has gained confidence while having fun. She is eager to attend class and she is using the values learned from class in everyday life, plus she is teaching her younger sister.


    Review on Facebook

    I have gone through many belts and have learned many life skills, such as respect, integrity, self- discipline and determination.


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